See how Directopub has increased Grindr's eCPMs

Publishers can monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded, self-serve offering in order to reach advertisers of all sizes, budgets, skill levels, and geographical location.
Let’s break it down

What does Directopub do?

It enables publishers to sell ad space directly to ALL advertisers Directopub simplifies the publisher advertising process by enabling them to partner directly with unlimited advertisers, of any size budget and in any geographic location.

Publishers have full control and transparency, selling at rate card and cutting out the ad networks and their associated ad tech fees/revenue shares.

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How does it work?

An interface and a service
Directopub provides publishers with a branded, campaign management interface for advertisers to run self-serve direct campaigns without any minimum spends. The interface features are fully customized to the expertise levels of advertisers, so even those with little to no experience can build creatives and set up campaigns.

For managed campaigns, the interface streamlines the workflow of the in-house sales teams, optimizing the entire process and making it more time efficient.

Directopub takes care of the implementation and a number of value added services, such as auditing of creatives and billing.

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How it helps Publishers

The benefits of direct sales & the volume of programmatic

Enhance the
of In-house Direct Sales and PMPs by adding the scalability to work with ALL Advertisers.
While boosting the
of Ad Networks with direct self-serve connections minus the ad tech fees.

To serve ALL advertisers
Directly, on a Self-Serve basis, minus the Ad Tech Fees

More Control
Selling direct streamlines internal processes and provides more transparency of processes and advertisers.

Better Margins
No need for partnerships or revenue share agreements with ad tech companies.

Increased Revenue
Publisher set rate card prices guaranty higher eCPMs than those achieved via programmatic.

The solution that integrates seamlessly with your
existing processes & ad stack!

Get to know us!

Directopub was developed and is owned by Bucksense Inc, the programmatic platform for agile marketers looking to bring brand building in house. Part of Acotel Group SpA (ACO:IM), Bucksense was founded in 2012 and is currently the programmatic platform of choice for 350+ agencies worldwide.

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