Programmatic Advertising or Paid Search? What You Need to Know

Still scratching your head about which strategy you should opt for to achieve your business goals?

Here is a list of several factors you should consider before diving into this choice ⤵️

1. Brand search volume

A Search Advertising Campaign is highly recommended when your brand or products do have a good amount of search volume. People who come across your search ads are already looking for your product, while users usually see display ads because they were targeted after watching a video, reading emails, or browsing the web.

2. Brand awareness

Have you just bootstrapped in business or are you  selling a product or service that people are unaware of? Display ads are the answer. They allow you to target people based on demographic or what keywords are in the content they are reading. Besides, if you know the specific sites your audience spends time on, you can target those as well by bidding on specific sites on the display network.

3. Limited budget

If your budget is limited, search ads are probably the best option to start with. Building your brand with display ads will usually take a much larger budget due to the low conversion rates.

4. Urgent services

Do you consider your business as an “urgent” service? In this case, search ads definitely deliver the best returns. For instance,  dental centres are services that someone is not normally going to jump at and pay for if they are reading the news and happen to see your display ad.

Why combining Programmatic Advertising with Paid Search

Using Programmatic can increase your total SEM traffic and conversions faster than conventional account optimizations. By tapping new audiences, your overall PPC traffic and resulting conversions can grow as a result in both branded and non-branded searches.

With regards to display and the Google Display Network, Programmatic can serve as a huge compliment. GDN only reaches inventory through Google Adsense – and DSPs reach through those other 70+, increasing reach and efficiency significantly. This can increase your total reach significantly. Owing to the huge size of this inventory availability, marketers are not completely reliant on Google inventory to reach their target audience in an efficient way. That is why it is highly recommended to use learnings on the programmatic side to identify placements, websites, and audiences that might resonate well with your GDN audience.

Including Programmatic data in your Paid Search strategy will provide a competitive advantage and improve results. Programmatic is rich in data. Learning the interests, likes, dislikes, geographical location and gender of customers can help determine keyword buying and ad messaging strategies.

Bucksense at Programmatic Day 2019

The coolest programmatic team on the planet is back to its Italian homeland for Programmatic Day.

On April 11th the city of Milan will host the premium event dedicated to Programmatic Advertising in Italy. Programmatic Day aims at providing ad tech companies, publishers, agencies and media companies with a detailed overview of the programmatic ad market, from an in-depth analysis of the programmatic landscape, to the definition of ad tech objectives.

As the most versatile programmatic platform on the market, Bucksense will bring ideas in a refreshingly sharp and disruptive way. From the most basic formats in advertising such as display, native and video, to the most complex as Responsive Ads, Bucksense allows full personalization of the ads based on the consumer’s interactions and insights in real time using this unique format.

We also have new astonishing products in the pipeline! Come discover our Click to Wallet, and bring your brand on passbook or wallet. This way your offer will be handy for the user, just like all his cards.

And that’s not all …We have something tasty for everybody taste!

If you are a publisher looking for a cutting-edge solution to fight your everlasting battles and so optimizing your direct sales, Directopub might be your hero.

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Digiday Publishing Summit Is Calling

Bucksense is growing faster than ever, managing to move its first steps in the publishing world. In less than a year, we were able to build a thought-provoking technology addressed to all of the publishers, which was conceived with the purpose of monetizing untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering in order to reach advertisers of all sizes, budgets, skill levels, and geographical location.

After the successful presentation of Directopub at Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, Bucksense is on the move again! On 27-29 March, the coolest ad tech team on the planet is attending Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail CO (USA).

And that’s not all! On March  28th, our CEO Cristian Carnevale will hold an interesting presentation about Directopub, Bucksense’s cutting-edge SaaS solution addressed to all publishers. Cristian and his team started wondering why ordinary people and business owners didn’t have access to programmatic advertising. Therefore, driven by the desire to make it possible, they rolled up their sleeves and built an extraordinary publisher-direct advertising solution.

Want to know more? Take a look at the case study here below ⤵️

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Bucksense presents Directopub at Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe

You spotted the Bucksense’s CEO on Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe website, didn’t you?  

We are extremely elated to announce that we are among the partners of Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe in Milan, the largest event dedicated to how media owners across Europe are building products to monetize audiences, sifting through data and incorporating insights.

On 5-7 March, Bucksense’s team of experts will showcase Directopub, a trailblazing SaaS solution for publishers. And that’s not all! On 6th March, our CEO Cristian Carnevale will hold an interesting session on how Directopub was conceived, showing the impressive results that were achieved within 90 days of launching the service. Did you take note of it? Now it’s time to have a quick insight into how Directopub can help your business. 

Sneak peek  

The successful partnership between Bucksense and Grindr gave birth to Directopub, the Whitelabel solution that  enable publishers to monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering, and so serve the entire spectrum of advertisers of all sizes, budgets, and expertise on a global scale.

Want to know more? Take a look at the case study here below ⤵️

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How Directopub and Grindr Partnered to Give Power Back to Publishers


The successful partnership between Bucksense and Grindr gave birth to Directopub, the Whitelabel solution that  enable publishers to monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering, and so serve the entire spectrum of advertisers of all sizes, budgets, and expertise on a global scale.

Within 90 days of launching the service, Grindr saw unprecedented growth as large volumes of advertisers created self-serve accounts and ran direct campaigns. It also eliminated costly revenue shares and saw eCPMs increase by as much as 6 times compared to programmatic channels. The service also improved Grindr’s fill rate, reached advertisers from all over the world, and generated leads for the direct sales team.

Before diving deep into it, let’s take a quick look at the current market situation. DSPs usually have a suite of value-added services that they charge for (e.g. programmatic optimization features, DMP services, 3rd party data sources, managed service). According to GroupM (Source: GroupM, “The State of Digital”, May 3, 2018), on average demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms each take about a 10% cut of the ad spend flowing through their platforms.


So how about increasing direct ad sales volume while cutting out ad tech fees?

Directopub not only will allow you to reach all advertisers directly, reducing costs and time, but also will avoid revenue splits among the ad tech players. Therefore, advertisers can autonomously and efficiently run direct Video, Native & Display campaigns on Mobile and Desktop, while reaching the right audience and inventory and avoiding the complex and costly steps and touchpoints commonly found on other platforms. Besides, this will leave their in-house sales teams free to focus on larger strategic accounts and partnerships.  

Get more information here below   

Don’t Miss Out: Meet Bucksense at Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 is right under our noses!  

On 25-28 February, the coolest programmatic team will work its magic at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2019, the largest mobile event in the world.

MWC19 will bring together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies.

In the Mobile programmatic era,  we are seeing advertisers leaning more towards ad formats and marketing strategies that provide a more personalized feel for customers. The days of bombarding customers with ads are gone. Advertisers are now more focused on protecting brands by taking more control over the placement of their ads and providing a relevant and quality experience for their customer base. 

🔔 If you are a mobile programmatic lover, or you just do some dabbling here, join us at MWC19 for a fast-paced deep dive into this thrilling world! 

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Top 6 Ad Tech Predictions for 2019

Hey Guys & Gals!!

Are you ready to kick start the New Year at the fullest? Here are Bucksense’s top 6 predictions for 2019.

1. Unobtrusive Advertising Experiences 

Bucksense noticed that advertisers are now looking for ad formats and marketing strategies that provide a more personalized feel for customers. They seem to be more focused on protecting brands by taking more control over the placement of their ads and delivering a relevant and quality experience for their customers.

Advertisers will opt for focusing more on harnessing their data to provide meaningful insights that can help them blow past their ad campaign goals. Besides, they will start benefiting from creating detailed audiences, derived from real customer interactions and interests, and focusing on speaking to these audiences directly.

From now on advertisers will expect to benefit from ad formats that let customers navigate through different products and focus on what is really relevant to them. The end result will be a better user experience which will lead to increased CTR, LTV, and ROI for our advertisers.

2. Smart TV and Connected Devices

Programmatic ads will gain more control over the inventory that today is sold via traditional channels. We definitely need to unlock the great potential of Smart TV and Connected Devices that will lead to plenty of innovative formats. TV, radio, podcasts and voice controlled devices are the next frontier of programmatic advertising.

3. User  Data Privacy

What data type advertisers are collecting, how they are using it, and how safe and protected this information is seem to frighten users. To ensure we can all get a level playing field and do things in a consistent and compliant way, it is the responsibility of everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem to reassure customers that we take data privacy extremely seriously and its purpose for us as DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, and advertisers is to provide more tailored, personalized, and relevant advertising experiences for our customers.

4. Advertisers’ Right to Take Full Control Over Its Own Data

In 2019 advertisers will start demanding more ownership of their own data when running campaigns. 

Keeping this data to themselves is of paramount importance to become a digital-first brand. Due to the volumes of data involved, there are numerous third parties embedded in the process of data collation, aggregation, and syndication. These are effectively ‘middlemen’ who attach their tags to the advertisements and related content, then provide the segmented data they gather to the brands running the campaign.

5. In-house Advertising 

‘In-house’ will be the next frontier of exploration. We assume that several key players in the ad tech industry will take their ads activities in-house. In addition to the already clear path of advertisers taking their media buying internally with their team, we also expect to see more publishers to get the power to sell their own inventory directly.

6. New Types of  Fraud

In 2019 we expect to see new types of fraud taking place.  We believe that a huge untapped section of these practices is hidden inside Video ads. High CPMs of these media allow frauds to generate bigger profits with fewer impressions, and so be under the radar. Ads.txt were meant to put a stop to fraud and so prevent unauthorized inventory sales. However, the dark side of the ad tech industry has already found workarounds, as SSPs and DSPs have not 100% embraced this standard.

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The Interactive Frontier of Digital Video Advertising


Digital video advertising revenue is moving at a rapid pace. According to IAB, nearly 60% of marketer’s digital advertising budgets are allocated to digital video, up 61% year over year and accounting for $4.2 billion of video ad spend.

Besides, it was revealed that video advertising revenue hit $7 billion in the first half of 2018, up 35% from the first half of 2017. The money being poured into programmatic video is expected to grow by 40%, reaching an unprecedented $9 billion for the channel.

Running Video Campaigns on Bucksense 

Bucksense prides itself for being always at the forefront of innovation. We are connected to several major ad exchanges (Mopub, Millenial, Telaria, Pulsepoint, Bidswitch, Smaato, Spotxchange, etc.), and allow you to place your video ads on multiple channels, such as smartphone, desktop, tablet, feature phone, smart TV.

Bucksense in-banner and in-stream videos expand the creative capabilities of standard banners to help marketers blow past their branding goals and performance KPIs.

Here are some thought-provoking data:

Types of Video Formats

At Bucksense, you can engage your audience by running both Out-Stream (In-Banner) and In-Stream (Pre, mid & post roll) video ads directly from the Bucksense console.

  • In-banner video ads are a form of out-stream. They are banners with videos embedded in them and are available on a wide range of placements.
  • In-stream video ads are within the video player itself and are injected into the stream that is being sent to the user’s video player. They can run before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) a video.
  • Rewarded video ads are unskippable, short video ads which give users rewards (in-app currency, premium content, gifts, game coins, etc) upon video completion. They are very effective at giving advertisers higher visibility levels, without being intrusive or damaging the user experience.

Video ad format can be identified as the point of growth for advertisers, publishers and mobile marketers. Storytelling capabilities and dynamic elements of this format allow for a more compelling ad experience that leads to higher engagement rates.

Explore new highly-interactive frontiers with Bucksense. For more info, click here.

Willing to set up a video campaign and blow past your programmatic goals? So sign up today!


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